One month baby portraits

little baby feet

One month baby portraits. Introducing this precious baby girl. You know when you meet someone and you are so comfortable with them? That was totally me and this family. My favorite part of the entire session was Mommy humming to her little one. I died! Being in that room full of love is definitely one […]

Superhero = made by loving mommy & daddy

This growing superhero has the best mommy & daddy! And no I am not just saying that because they will read this post. It’s the truth. PERIOD. So many times we meet someone and say “WOW what a great kid!” or “That little boy is so smart!” Why do we never say “That kid has […]

She’s walking!

make it RUNNING!! Such a  sweet little girl she is! We had so much fun wandering around – read here chasing after this little one. How many hearts do you guys think this cutie will break along the way??? I’m guessing too many to count!

Miss R. celebrated her Bat Mitzvah!

This was one of the  most fun events ever! The birthday girl looked fantastic! Welcoming a young person into society as an “adult” is one of my favorite traditions in all cultures. I come from the Quinceanera tradition of welcoming young girls into society at 15, so to see other traditions is awesome!! However I […]