Brains & Beauty!

I had the great fortune of photographing Miss TR!

We had a great time chatting between shooting!


professional headshotsI love doing professional fun headshots! I think every professional should have some done.

Especially nowadays with so many fun & professional networking sites.


She was not only Beautiful she’s super smart too!

Call me to set up your professional headshots! You know you’ve been wanting to update that Linkedin profile picture!

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Startup Bus 2011

Did you follow the Startup bus? Six buses arrived in Austin, Texas at SXSW (South by Southwest) and popped into as the first of many stops.

I had fun On Tuesday morning hanging out with them at 7:00 am as the Silicon Bus bid departed.

sxsw, silicon valley

Everyone gets mentally ready for the long journey ahead in their own way!

Fueled by Rockstars, redbulls and lots of snacks I know they are going to rip out some amazing products!!

Bauer’s limos was responsible for chartering these groups all the way to SXSW. Luckily they have wi-fi onboard!

Doing headshots for some of the team, gave me a qucik opportunity to get a glimpse into their personalities and know the bus ride was going to be a wild one! Here is a collection of thsoe headshots!

south by southwest, sxsw 2011


sxsw austin, teexas

Spearheaded by Elias

and his trusted right hand mans..

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year for my 3rd year in a row, and who knows maybe I’ll ride with them to Austin next year!!

and they are off…

(here’s a slide show of more images)

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Sneak Peek: Professional Joe & his little girl

Everyone needs Professional headshots  and they are even better when you bring along the one person who makes you smile the best!

father daughter portraits!

More to come!

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