Winter family portrait session

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I know I did! I stayed busy shooting tons of families and events as well as enjoying time with my own family. I might even share a few images with you all if you are interested in seeing some of my own shenanigans.  But first I am sharing this winter family portrait session.

I was excited to meet up with Carrie & Rob and meet their kids who I have heard so much about over the years.  Carrie and I are old high school friends from Notre Dame High School, and through social media and happy hours we have stayed in touch.

We met up at Quicksilver park and hung out a bit to capture some awesome portraits all while making sure her boys had as much fun as they could hanging out with us “old” folks.  😉

So check out some of the images from the session and be sure to watch the video at the end!

family portraits   family portraits in the park

Seriously how cute are these two… you would think they were just barely dating!

mom and dad duringa  family portrait sessionand because all guys want a picture of their hot wife on their bike…

motrocycle portraits hot chick on bike


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Family Portraits in San Jose, CA

Hello everyone! It’s been a super fun season and we have had some amazing weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m so excited to share these family portraits. We had so much fun that if I just told you how much fun we had you would think I was making it up. And you know what they say, seeing is believing so be sure to check out the video at the end.

Meet the “funnest” family ever! (Yes I do know funnest isn’t a word- I totally made it up)

traditional family portraits

Mom & dad are so awesome with son J. Everyone laughed, made silly faces, snuck up on each other, ran, climbed trees, hugged and kissed!  The only thing missing was ….. hmm nothing IT was a perfect evening!

mom and dad with kidSometimes a kid just needs to run run run…

running during family portraits

Hey come to think of it- I didn’t get a kiss??!!!!  Wait a minute, I was jipped.  NEXT time!!

a loving family

Even mommy & daddy snuck in some smooching!





Thank you guys for such a great fun time! My assistant and I will forever laugh when we watch this video!!

I can’t wait to see you guys again for more fun!!

family portraits

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Nine month baby portraits

Hello friends! It’s the moment you have all been waiting for.. this adorable little girl’s nine month portraits!!  OK just kidding maybe you ALL haven’t been waiting but I know lots of her fans (aka her family) have been.

urban family portraits

I know for sure I love love love looking and looking at these pictures. And the video at the end… OH MY GOD!  I will forever cherish it. You see this is my little niece!!!  So of course I can go on and on about this session… but I won’t well not for too much.

I loved shooting this portrait session not just because of the obvious  niece thing, but also because I love walking around the Lake Merritt Oakland, CA area.  Oh and there was also a Yummy yummy milkshake and burgers break we took mid session.. but never mind that. On with the photos…

black and white baby portraits

baby looking at the camera

OK isn’t she seriously cute?? she goes from super serious intense looks to giggling and melting my heart in like 2 seconds or less.


black and white baby portraits

Interested in booking  a  session to get your very own video to share with everyone you know?  Give me a ring 408-916-3474 or drop me a note

walking in Oakland, CA


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Family Portraits

A million years ago I met up with this family for portraits.  I love love love shooting their portraits each year and watching this little guy grow.  The first time I took their family portraits he was so little (see him here)  and as the years have gone by .. he’s grown and grown. (and see him here too)

family portraits dancing

My time with this family is always so much fun, we laugh together, jump, skip and then after our session we have started a tradition of going to dinner together. I’m not sure what’s the best part of the day laughing with them or eating with them!

daddy and me portraits mommy and me portraitsThe relationship this little boy has with each of his parents is so amazing and tender to watch, and the upbringing his parents are giving him shows in his relationship with others!  His cousin joined them on this session and together they had so much fun goofing off.

portraits of cousins

child portraits

family portraits with a close up of a boy

I think that was his I’m getting hungry let’s go eat look. So we wrapped up and headed to Sushi!!!

family portraits and a shadow

Hope to see you guys again soon for fun portraits and dinner at a new restaurant, since we haven’t repeated neither portrait nor dinner locations!!

(if you are reading this… don’t forget to leave some love in the comments area)

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