Engaged! Scott & Margarita

Congratulations to Margarita & Scott!! I can’t believe their wedding is a few short months away. I teased you guys with this session here. I am so excited to share this session with everyone and looking forward to the wedding! Margarita is one of my closest friends, and on some days I think she knows […]

Sneak Peek: Engaged!!! {San Francisco, CA}

The last few days have been absolutely GORGEOUS in San Francisco! It’s been sunny & warm but this couple brought humor & lots of love the city with the red bridge!! Being the tease that I can be…. You get one image today and a promise of  tons more to come!


and not the kind that reminds you of your next appointment by beeping at you.Public Displays of Affection: the kind that grab you on a whim regardless of location. This is one of my favorite images from the whole day.. ok maybe one of a top 100. They were such an awesome couple to be […]