A day of playing tourist in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, ca, Being in Love

Yesterday I showed you my friend Rachel & Jeff, who just got engaged!! Today I am sharing with you all the things we saw the day we hung out in San Francisco. It was such an amazing day. The Mister & I were in San Francisco for a family portrait session (more to come on […]

Seeing how happy Rachel is makes me even happier!

Over the Winter holidays my friend Rachel went on a trip across the country with her boyfriend & dog. They visited his family, hers and a bunch of stuff in between. When they embarked on their trip home… Life had changed! They were no longer a girlfriend, a boyfriend & a dog….. They were now […]

Happy Valentine’s day!

I debated about what to post today. Do I post a fun couple in love?  Do I post some sexy ladies.. and risk blowing a surprise? Do I post a family full of love?  ARGH!!! What to post what to post?? AND THEN…..dun dun dun. It hit me!!! DUH!!! There’s only one time in my […]