Crazy Fun!!

Completely boring looking family right? HA!! NO way- this family is anything but boring!! I was cracking up the whole time! and so were they.. There were even a few ZOOLANDER moments! This was definitely one of the funnest ( yes that is a word- I made up) sessions ever! and we wrapped up with […]

Sneak Peek: Quinceañera – Maribel

This was such an amazing session! And it’s just in time for FAT TUESDAY!!! I had so much fun running around San Francisco. I would LOVE to show you all the images but there are  SOOOOOOO many that I am going to need to break it up into a couple of posts. I would also […]

The camera was turned on Michelle {San Francisco, CA}

Being a photographer is awesome! We get to meet interesting new people, re-connect with old friends, see new places and most importantly do what we love most: Take lots & lots of pictures! The one thing we do not get to do very often however is have our own picture taken. Some of you might […]

Nandhi, Folkloric dancer from Jalisco {Puerto Vallarta, Mexico}

This post is a bit of a retro blog. I shot this last summer while in Puerto Vallarta! It was an amazing day as they all are while on vacation. I was amongst family and so it was that much better. I had talked my niece into bringing with her on vacation one of her […]