Growing faster than the wind and running just as fast too!

I met this little guy soooo long ago. He was just a tiny little baby then. He’s always been a GREAT baby and his mom, well forgitaboutit! She’s super awesome, she’s the kind of person you can go hang out with and just sit with for hours talking about everything and nothing or just not […]

She’s the boss!

Mommy and I had been trying to schedule this session for a while, unfortunately she has a very demanding job and schedules were hard to coordinate. She’s a nurse! Finally we were able to get together and my only regret is I hadn’t met her and her family sooner! They were such a delight to […]

She’s walking!

make it RUNNING!! Such a  sweet little girl she is! We had so much fun wandering around – read here chasing after this little one. How many hearts do you guys think this cutie will break along the way??? I’m guessing too many to count!