It’s a Birthday Celebration!

I am a huge advocate to the belief that a birthday deserves a CELEBRATION, especially when it’s a milestone birthday. If you are Latina then one of the biggest birthday celebration milestones of your life is your 15th birthday! And Latins know how to PARTY! If you don’t believe me check out the video at […]

Superhero Turns 5!!

A very big Happy Birthday goes out to Miles!! He had the most amazing super here party ever! And seriously why wouldn’t you if you had this amazing cake and cupcake tower by Bratty Cakes! However the party wasn’t just all cupcakes. There was a strong person contest. they were all pretty strong ­čśë There […]

Sneak Peek: Superhero Turns 5!

Ah We all know what a tease I am. This sneak peek will show you only a tiny bit of the Goodness that was at this Superhereo’s party! Can you guess what this was part of? More coming very soon…

Sneak Peek: Quincea├▒era – Maribel

This was such an amazing session! And it’s just in time for FAT TUESDAY!!! I had so much fun running around San Francisco. I would LOVE to show you all the images but there are┬á SOOOOOOO many that I am going to need to break it up into a couple of posts. I would also […]

Miss R. celebrated her Bat Mitzvah!

This was one of the┬á most fun events ever! The birthday girl looked fantastic! Welcoming a young person into society as an “adult” is one of my favorite traditions in all cultures. I come from the Quinceanera tradition of welcoming young girls into society at 15, so to see other traditions is awesome!! However I […]

Happy Birthday Gail!

I could say so many nice this about Gail, but I wouldn’t be able to say enough. She is not only an awesome wife & mother she is also a fabulous & loving person. The best way to show you this is to show you how many people came out to celebrate her birthday with […]