Check out the StrongMan-Woman competition | Branding Portraits

Letia Competes in The Beauty and the Beast StrongMan/Woman event in Hayward, California A while back I was honored to have Letia call me and ask if I would tag along for a StrongMan/Woman competition in Hayward, CA and shoot some branding content for her, but mainly document her journey. This event was a qualifying […]

It’s a Birthday Celebration!

I am a huge advocate to the belief that a birthday deserves a CELEBRATION, especially when it’s a milestone birthday. If you are Latina then one of the biggest birthday celebration milestones of your life is your 15th birthday! And Latins know how to PARTY! If you don’t believe me check out the video at […]

Surviving & Thriving 5th Anniversary Fundraiser

Surviving & Thriving 2014 black and white images

Surviving & Thriving 5th Anniversary Fundraiser was one of the most amazing events I’ve attended this year! It was held at the amazing Lot Twenty One Studio  in the San Francisco Dogpatch. I was asked by a friend in 2012  if I could donate my time and photograph this event. I had so much fun […]

Surviving & Thriving 5th Anniversary Fundraiser and Celebration

Hi Everyone! I am honored to be covering a fabulous event this Friday October 3, 2014!   It’s the Surviving & Thriving 5th Anniversary Fundraiser, honoring the survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in our lives and celebrate their journeys of surviving and thriving! Unfortunately I was not able to attend last year however […]

Rocket Dog Rescue held an amazing event at Yammer in San Francisco!

Yammer invited Rocket Dog Rescue (RDR)  to attend an employee fair in their beautiful San Francisco office earlier this week.  RDR needed volunteers to help out and put out this call for help: ” We need folks to chill out & hold puppies and hang out with cool people”. I saw that and thought “UM […]

Team in Training: LavaMan, Hawaii 2013

I was so honored to have Mariana (yes we share a name) contact me to ask me to come out and photograph her training session. She is sooooo excited and scared and excited and freaking out all in the same moment about her FIRST Triathlon. OMG!!!!! I can’t even begin to think about doing a […]