Family reunion! {San Francisco, Bay Area Photographer}

LOVE LOVE LOVE this session! WHY well because if you know anything about me I LOVE to travel and this family traveled the furthest of all my clients so far !!!! The above image is a collection of family spread across three countries!!! Ireland, England and the United States!!! See why I LOVED this session. […]

I love film!

I used to post Film Fridays .. then I fell off that wagon.. Today isn’t Friday but it is Film !! And from gorgeous San Francisco! I used Kodak 400 for these. I love shooting in San Francisco because it gives me the opportunity to be a tourist, and look at it in all it’s […]

Friends Forever! {Guadalajara -> San Francisco}

I always say I love my life, my family & those I choose as my family–> My Friends! I received an email from a college friend I haven’t seen in years, seriously I’m not kidding YEARS, telling me her & her husband were coming to San Francisco. I was so overly excited I couldn’t wait […]