Miguel & Elda: the Engagement

You know when you just “click” with someone? That is exactly how I felt when I met with Miguel & Elda for the first time. I drove up to Sacramento to meet with them. Elda is mid college career at Sacramento State and while living up there she met Miguel.

They are both from Mexico, like me, and bilingual, also like me. It’s funny but every time I meet someone from Mexico I ask “oh what part are you from?”. Always hoping they say my random small town- um they never do.

So Miguel says hes from a town in Jalisco ( that’s the state Guadalajara is found in – in case you
are geographically challenged – like me). I lived in Guadalajara so we talked a little about that.
Then I ask Elda where she’s from. And she answers oh a small town in Guanajuato. I then proceed to ask which town? She answers oh it’s small noone has ever heard of it. SO Excited I tell her. I’m from Guanajuato ( um yes – please note this is like telling a Californian from Grass Valley I’m from California and being from San Francisco or LA) so anyways she tells me the name if her town and low & behold: I KNOW WHERE IT IS!!! I then proceed to tell her I’m from the town right by hers and she giggles and says “oh I was born there, in there hospital.” EEEK! Seriously and I thought noone knew where my town, Acambaro, was.

After this exchange I knew I had to shoot their wedding. The rest of the wedding details are just a bonus. IT is going to be so amazing with many of my favorite things in life involved. But for that you will have to wait. 😉
We shot the engagement session in Monterrey, California. It was an awesome time. They were up for ANYTHING!!! We played under the pier in the ocean (although it was kinda stinky),

rolled around in the sand,
then headed over to the BREATH TAKING 17 mile drive.

I would like to thank Elda’s sister & brother who came along and ended up helping scout locations (read here check the rocks to see if they were safe to climb and make sure we didn’t fall into deeper water than needed- although we were all up to our hips in the water) & provide outfit assistance to the couple.

Miguel & Elda I look forward to your wedding! See you soon….
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