Adam & Salina = The Engagement

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. NOT so for this couple. Salina was in Vegas for a girls trip from California. Adam was there on a boys trip from New York!! They met and Salina said they hung out till way late having instantly bonded. Adam knew he couldn’t be apart from her and moved across the country to be with her. (awwwwwww!) Adam’s family is still back East and will be flying in for this event along with his boys! I look forward to meeting everyone. And when they see how nice the weather is here (please weather act right) they might even move here!!

A few weeks ago I gave you guys a little teaser to this engagement session.. well here is the full session!

It was a very cold day in San Francisco despite it being about 100 degrees in San Jose. The drastic weather change caused for us to truly appreciate all the hard work models put in, especially when they are required to shoot in bikinis in beautiful and crazy locations such as Alaska. Here is an attempt of modeling and not looking cold.

The little one wasn’t too happy about the weather (nor the camera). How cute is she??? I know she will make an adorable flower girl and give me a great work out, because I’ll have to chase her around!

I love this family portrait of all of them.

Salina & Adam are a super fun couple they joked around throughout the whole session. I’m sure their marriage will be full of love, laughter & fun.

I don’t think they expected to get in the cold ocean & get wet but with me you never know what’s going to happen!

Img054a blog.jpg

Salina might kill me (after the wedding) for posting this but I thought it was cute. I had asked Adam to approach and kiss Salina in a very sexy- seductive fashion. UM and this is what happened.

I can’t wait until the wedding! It’s going to be so much fun! Wait till you see Salina’s dress!!! I haven’t seen it nor pictures but she’s described bits and pieces and I’m soo excited!! And seriously as cute as this couple is they could get married in pajamas!! 😉

I leave you with one last image. A very typical San Francisco foggy day with the Golden Gate bridge playing Peek A Boo!

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