Mother’s Day Contest Winner

Congratulations to Martha H. You are the winner! I will be emailing you to set up your mother’s portrait session!

A big heartfelt hug to your mother for being a good Samaritan as well as carrying the heavy load of the event!

Here is what Martha wrote:

“One day in June 1999, there was a women waiting at a signal light and witness a horific accident. Another mother with two small children were waiting at a bus stop when a car jumped the curb and plowed right into the family. Without hesitation, this women jumped out of her car to help the family that was struck. Here is one mother comforting another mother, who was calling out for her children because she had a broken leg and could not move. She held her in her arms, knowing fully that the ladies baby was pinned under the car still in her stroller. This women had enough strength to later that same night attend her own daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner, not to say a word about what happened that day. She did not want to damper the wedding so she kept it all to herself and cried when she was alone on what she witnessed. It wasn’t until the next couple of weeks when the daughter found out what her mother had kept from her. It was then when I realize how strong and truely amazing my mother was. This was my wedding and to know that she wanted it to be the happiest day of my life, even though it turned out to be the worst day of her life, touches my heart deeply. She always give never to expect anything in return. She is a grandmother to 5 boys and 2 girls and is proud to say she babysat every one of them so they wouldn’t have to go to daycare. She is the type of grandmother that will drive all the way to San Jose from Manteca every weekend to pick up her grand-daughter because she “missed” her. My mother is a strong, loving, and caring person and for this reason, I wanted to nominate her for the Mother’s Day Contest, but most of all because she’s my mother.”

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