A surprise present revealed!

A few weeks ago I posted a teaser polaroid of a gorgeous sunset peeking out behind some trees, taken during a portrait session tobe used as a surprise present. Mom finally received her present and so now I can share images from that day.

I met Mr. P years ago while working at a little start up in Silicon Valley. He has seen my photography go from show and tell in the office on mornings I had class assignments due, to being the unofficial self appointed company event photographer to where I am now. I have seen him go from working crazy long engineer hours to well working crazy long engineer hours and being a fabulous dad.

Imagine how excited I was and also honored when he contacted me asking that I help him give his wife (who is even more awesome than him) a surprise present for her birthday. We chatted and decided the perfect present was a family session, however she needed to unwrap something on her birthday so we split the session. The first session of two was mostly with the adorable Little Miss A. Who I would like to add is already super smart, fearless and a natural in front of the camera. I was shocked when I saw her because she is almost all grown up and I still remember seeing her as a tiny baby when she was first born.

So without much more of my unnecessary jabbing here you go:

Do not be alarmed with this next photo, dad was very close by to make sure she didn’t fall out of the tree.

I can’t wait to do the family session with them…

Stay tuned!

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