Film Friday!

Hello! I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year’s!!

As many of you know and some might not, my first love in photography is FILM! I continue to shoot all variations of film, both commercially and personally. Many times you will see a Polaroid or two incorporated into my sessions.

Starting today I will be posting at least one image shot on film every Friday. The work I will be sharing on Fridays will include lots of old work as well as new work. I hope you enjoy Film Fridays as much as I have enjoyed creating the images.

If there is anything specific you would like to see feel free to ask for it in the comments section! For example: more holgas, polaroids, transfers, medium format, B&W color anything… as long as it’s film related!

For the First Film Friday I would like to share some polaroids I took on New Year’s Eve at a friend’s party.

This couple is absolutely adorable. They currently reside in Italy. We were so happy to spend a little time with them. He claims he hates having his picture taken, but he doesn’t look too tortured, does he?

I was very sad that jet lag kicked in and they left shortly after the stroke of midnight so in order to get every last second of Quality Time in I walked them out to get this next shot.

This next image I love. I’m not sure why, but I think it maybe for the plastic lei around his neck.

The final image is a must. It was a theme party. Brownie points if you can guess what the theme was.

I hope you got if nothing else a giggle from my first Film Friday post.

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