Look Up!

Hello Everyone! It’s a busy week! Some of you are at work rushing to finish everything before having (hopefully) a few days off to spend with family. Some of you are already off doing last minute shopping dealing with the crowds, full parking lots & long lines. Others of you are already at home busy with kids, baking, prepping, & cleaning. There’s even a few who don’t celebrate this season, however are still caught up in everyone’s madness.
So what is your week like? I would love to hear how you plan on spending the second to the last week of 2008. Leave me a comment below!!!

Whatever your week is like… Don’t forget to stop and look up, down and around you. You only live once!!

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Check back soon…. Santa might arrive to my blog. 😉

Here are a few images taken with my Holga on my recent trip. For those of us in cold weather let’s enjoy a moment of summer images.

All you need at the beach.. Really.

shopping anyone?

And of course, What would the beach be without anyone on it:

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