I LOVE to travel! But I hate being en route for over 24 hours.

I walked in to my house Friday November 28th at approximately 12:30am. As I walked through the threshold of my house I sighed.. a BIG DEEP “glad to be home” sigh. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to travel! I am one of those people that will go anywhere in the world with or without planning.

However I hate long travel times and by long travel times I mean : I left my hotel on Wednesday November 26th at approximately 10:20am Punta Del Este, Uruguay time. We then drove to Montevideo ( about 1.5 hours away) caught a flight to Sao Paolo, Brazil hung out for about 7 hours in the airport waiting for a flight to Houston, Texas. A LOONG 10 hour flight later we landed in Houston, Texas where I had my first Egg Nog Latte of the Season. a few hours later we boarded our flight to San Francisco, California. as I stepped off the plane in SFO about noon I thought I’m almost home! But alas it’s Thanksgiving day and I went straight to my family’s house. A few servings of MEAT later (as if I haven’t ate enough meat in the past two weeks to practically be on an Atkin’s diet, if only it wasn’t for the bread, potatoes and delicious sangria) and the usual round the dinner table conversation, where at least 3 different conversations are going on simultaneously, I finally headed home!

It’s now Friday, November 28th 3:19am and I am thankful for the fabulous life I have had so far, however at the moment I am really thankful for my pillow top mattress and big fluffy comforter.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

How did you spend your Thanksgiving? I would love to hear all about it in the comments.

Here are two images from my trip.. more to come over the next few weeks.

I love these trees! they were all over Buenos Aires. Someone said they were called Paradise Trees.

Don't forget to look up!

La Casa Rosada (the Pink House) Palacio de Gobierno, Buenos Aires

Palacio Real

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