Sneak Peek! Emilio & Nanette: the Wedding {Second Installement in the Trilogy}


(and the crowd goes wild)


I have to start by saying this was a SUPER fun wedding and HUGE. The church was packed. When I ran up to the balcony to take pictures I almost didn’t fit!!

I did a sneak peek at the reception, so the following sneak peek is a few different images. I don’t want to bore you 😉

I have so much to say, Not as much as Emilio, the groom, but yes alot. So I think I will save it for the next posting.

For now I will leave you with this really LONG teaser.

Emilio wanted to start his new life right:
Clean shaven, good thing the Barber knew what she was doing- that blade sure was sharp.

My favorite brides are the ones who LOVE their shoes!! Hello, My name is Mariana and I am a shoe addict. I had seen these shoes way before the wedding date and I was looking forward to the wedding day to shoot them!! Here you can see that even the heavens were loving them!!

The dress was just as Heavenly!!

Nanette didn’t need as much work as Emilio – she’s beautiful, and has a smile to light up a whole city!!

Here comes the bride….Well sorta

Hanging out, guys have it so easy Shave, Shower and … Wait around:
(image shot by my awesome second shooter Micaela)

The moment everyone’s been waiting for:

Let’s fast forward!!

This couple likes to party!! and i mean PAR-TAY!!

they sure did tear up the dance floor Right form the first dance:

and the apples don’t fall too far from the tree:
the two boys are the cutest ring bearers ever… What is the age for “So you think you can dance?” because these two could definitely take FIRST PLACE

slowing it down:

No Mexican wedding is complete without the mariachis. And I do LOOOOOOVE Mariachis!!!

see it was a LONG sneak peek.

I leave you with 2 more…

Oh and yes there were more people than just the bride and groom.. the family is pretty big stay tuned for images of them.

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