Continued.. She was looking for tickets and instead she found love

Cecilia had recently moved to Sacramento and decided she should check out the city’s local sports teams. Now where else does one look for tickets but Craig’s List. Brett was selling tickets and Cecilia was buying. They emailed and called each other to work out the logistics of the ticket sale ….. however what really happened is they fell in Love. And like they say– the rest is history.

Cecilia & Brett had a beautiful garden wedding in Ryde, Calif. WHERE??? yup – I asked myself the same question as I googled directions. However the drive was amazing no traffic, warm weather (in the 90’s) and scenery worth many pit stops. The town of Ryde is quaint and perfect for a little get away, cell coverage is very spotty, I highly recommend it!

Everything about their wedding was perfect. It was an intimate weekend affair with very close family & friends. Everyone was awesome. I even had some amazing impromptu assistants!!! Although i did have to “yell” at the groom when he pulled out his camera, because honestly you can’t get married and shoot your own wedding, but first I got this:

<img src="" alt="groom photographer.

I am very honored to have been part of their special day. I know they will be extremely happy!!

<img src="" alt="

<img src="" alt="

<img src="" alt="getting ready.

<img src="" alt="walking in.

It's a big responsibility

<img src="" alt="breaking of glass.

<img src="" alt="cake cutting.

<img src="" alt="cake feeding.

<img src="" alt="speech.

<img src="" alt="



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