Coming soon… Nanette & Emilio

As a major teaser here are some images from a super fun engagment session at a Gorgeous location- which many of you will know, and mostly everyone will recognize the red landmark in the background. 😉 

I come from a film background, in fact I still own many film cameras. One being a “newer” polaroid. I like to mix old school with new school- I’m that kind of girl. Hey What can I say?!
These next images are scanned in polaroids. The colors are true to what developed on this magical format. -I’m such a  nerd sometimes, please excuse me 
I am so excited about shooting this wedding… maybe as excited as the couple – is to get married that is. 
OK ..ok…
here you go
Couple in a heart in the sand by the big red bridge
She says she will hire me to take pictures more often - so i can command him to Kiss her, and to hold it until I say stop.
Wondering if California is going to split off and fall in to the ocean--
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