Myrna & Juan Carlos — Part 3

Here are a few more as promised for this beautiful wedding.

My first love is Black & White film I especially love being in the darkroom and watching that “perfect” image begin to appear in the water. The images in this post bring me back to that first love, although these were cooked up digitally in the warmth of my kitchen. No pun intended, but that is where I currently have my computer set up.

The couple decided to see each other before the ceremony and dedicate some alone time to taking couple portraits. This was the groom’s first sighting of his bride. And what a mischievous bride she was 😉
First sight

Alas the time has come to be walked down by the aisle. And by who other than her dad.
Daddy's little girl

During the ceremony this little guy needed some help getting the ring of the pillow.
ring bearer need help

The little flower girl was so cute. She had special attention before the ceremony.
Mother daughter bond

And finally THE KISS!

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