Happy 5th Birthday to the cutest Tax baby ever!!

Saturday was my favorite tax baby’s birthday party. This little cutie officially turned 5 on April 15th. However due to her busy schedule (karate, dance, cheerleading and the list goes on) her parents weren’t able to celebrate her 5th bday until now. AND celebrate they did! Besides the “normal” food, cake, balloons & bouncy house there was also a magic show performed by a fairy and a real live petting zoo with another magic show and face painting!!! All this took place at their home. This is one lucky kid.

I arrived camera less to this party (ok my camera bag was in the car but I wasn’t going to pull it out- really) and made it through the magic show performed by a real life fairy princess and even the cake cutting without taking a shot. Well ok I did grab my friend’s camera for a family portrait at cake time but I only took 3 little shots. 😉

But then…. a mini pony showed up at the front door!! I couldn’t resist and ran for my camera!! The pony was followed by a couple of ducks, some guinea pigs, a dove, a bunch of rabbits, a labradoodle puppy and carriage! Did I mention all this came out of a mini van- it was like being at the circus and watching 15 clowns come out of a mini car. All the adults were wowed just by watching all this.. geez – we are easier to amuse than kids.

It was the funnest birthday party ever! I want to be 5 again!

oh and did I mention it’s Springtime?? The rabbits turned the party X-Rated, so if you go with a petting zoo party for any of your kids birthdays make sure only same gender rabbits show up and keep it G Rated 😉

here are the pictures I must warn you there are lots of pictures…

the horse was shy


face painting

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