A cutie to make any dad proud! {San Francisco newborn portraits}

“When my daughter grows up she will look like her mama.  And make me proud in whatever she chooses to do” is exactly what this little cutie’s dad said!!

newborn portraits

and as you can see mom is just as gorgeous as the little one which is why when boys start calling on his little princess dad will  ..

“probably freak out the first time a boy calls her on the phone “

black and white fine art

I asked first time mom what the best advices her mom had given her so far and here is what she said…

“The best advice my mom has given me so far is to not try to be a perfectionist…you will learn that your way is the right way, imperfect is the new perfect.”

although from what I can see she already made a perfect baby…10 little toes, 10 fingers and perfect belly button!

with a  heart center!!!!

and in turn this new mom has the best advice for other new moms:

“My advice as a first time mom to other first time mom’s is_let the grandparent’s help as much as they want!! And to give yourself a couple weeks before accepting visitors at home…

you’ll need a week or two to get used to taking care of a newborn before you’re ready for visitors!”

It’s the best advice yet!!!

“when we first saw our daughter we were in shock that she had finally made her arrival…and then instantly in love”

with their littole baby girl

These proud parents …have a lifetime of love and happiness. I am honored to have shared a tiny bit with them!!

Thank you ! I hope to see you soon!!!!

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