Kids + bubbles= FUN! {San Jose, CA -mini session}

Remember all those carefree days you spent as a kid just frolicking in the sun and blowing bubbles?

Well that is exactly what I did with these cuties. I had so much fun chasing them around!

& look just how cute they are!! How lucky am I to travel back to my childhood. To days when it was ok to say “I don’t know” or “What is that?”

What was your favorite childhood toy?

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22 Responses to “Kids + bubbles= FUN! {San Jose, CA -mini session}”
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  1. Marcela

    I just love they way everything was captured. These pictures say it all, great job!

  2. Sheryce

    WOW, these photos are amazing! I love the bubbles with Roman and Camille =)

  3. Kathleen
  4. Nina

    Love Camille on the phone and Roman blowing bubbles – great shots!

  5. lucy gonzales

    it was so nice to see the photos of my grandkids in a natural setting not posed or forced. It was nice seeing you Mariana.

  6. tony marquez

    great work mariana thanks!

  7. laura marquez

    i love the pictures, great job capturing how cute they really are

  8. dolores marquez

    awww beautiful!

  9. josue frausto

    the grand kids!!

  10. josue frausto
  11. julie gonzales

    my godson is sooooo handsome!

  12. anjelica frausto

    what nice job. i love my niece and nephew

  13. marcia pierra

    nice job. great day for nice pictures

  14. joyce nadal

    melissa buy the one of you and camille!

  15. paulo pereira

    my god son is so handsome

  16. jeanelle vega

    nice cousin, the kids are so big now.

  17. marci stevenson

    they’re both getting so big, great day for picture. cant wait to see you at the birthday party.

  18. andrea reynoso

    melissa the kids look great. marianna took good pictures.

  19. melinda gonzales

    can’t wait to see the kids again. thanks for sharing the pictures.

  20. erica price

    where’s mine? i want one!

  21. laura marquez

    thank you so much for capturing my niece and nephew in such cute poses…i cant wait to order…

  22. Jha

    Hey Maya, all the pics look so great. Good to see that you are thriving in your new profession. Drop a line if you are visiting India anytime and still searching for that Maharaja of yours 🙂