Damian + Adrienn + Love + Perfect weather + San Francisco = Amazing Engagement session

I am so excited to post this engagement session!!

Damian & Adrienn were absolutely amazing! Not only are they super cute and totally in love, they are also the funnest couple ever.

The whole session they teased each other, goofed off and totally ROCKED IT! And I haven’t even talked about their son, Ethan, who came along.  He almost stole the show!! ok secretly he did but don’t tell the love birds 😉 Check him out:

and check out his hair!! LOVE IT!

He definitely is amazing in front of the camera. Here I told him we would play a little game of follow the leader.

I had a blast! I can’t wait until their wedding! I’m sure we are going to have so much fun.

If you want to see even more images check out their slideshow and see how silly they got!!

Adrienn & Damian Thank you soo much for being a super fun couple see you very soon!! Don’t forget to leave a note in the comment area.

ps… some of these images were shot on good old fashioned film. Want to guess which ones?

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17 Responses to “Damian + Adrienn + Love + Perfect weather + San Francisco = Amazing Engagement session”
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  1. Loren Wright

    Hey Damian,

    Thanks for sharing – what a beautiful day you had near the Golden Gate!

    Congratulations to you and Adrienne,


  2. Patricia

    You two look so happy! You’ll make a beautiful family.
    I wish you two all the best.

    Patricia Ribeiro (Bus 161B). 🙂

  3. Ummm this was hella cute. And, I’m gonna guess… the first 2 – the diptych – are on film. Not sure though.


    Congratulations! What’s up with the beard? Let’s get together in San Jose!

  5. Aubrey

    Hey you two!
    These pics are awesome! I love the black and whites!! And well yes…Ethan is cuter than the two of you! Sorry!! Im so happy my best friend found the love of her life! You are so blessed!

    I love you both.

  6. Jonel

    Awww! Beautiful! Very very nice! :o)

  7. Windy Nguyen

    Hey Love Birds,
    These pics are beautiful! you found a wonderful photographer, so much better than mine. You guy’s look so happy together I’m so glad you found each other!
    p.s. Ethan is such a cutie
    Love you both! XoxoX

  8. Amy

    What a beautiful family. Looks like happily ever after to me!!

  9. Alexander Nguyen

    Very nice man. 🙂 Better than our wedding photos! Can’t wait for the wedding!

  10. Meredith

    My favorite is the close-up with the hidden caption “Contact Sheet 004”. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your expression of love and celebration!

  11. lisa cowan

    i love them all. I think the one of my Ethan is just CUTER than punch as they say.. The love in the pics shines thru and i just think its awesome. i recall when u first met – time flys!!!! luv u

  12. Damian Thomas

    Our photographer is the bomb. How did she make me look so good. LOL! Very nice pictures.

  13. Keenan Lipford

    Nice pictures.Good photographer

  14. Don

    Great pictures! I like the ring close-up one, and I gotta say, you are rockin’ the beard. So, what song plays in your head when you look at these? 🙂

  15. beautiful family! we were just down in san francisco shooting, love that town!

  16. Cheryl Thomas

    Great pics… love the black and white ones!

  17. Tracy Thomas

    They all look great! Good luck choosing your favorites.