Cute Boys + Beautiful Mom= AWESOME portraits in the park session!! {San Jose, CA}

I seriously love doing portraits in the park each Spring! It’s a great opportunity for you to come out and get a quick session done in between the holidays and the new school season. And an even better opportunity for me to see you and a chance to catch up!!

That is exactly what the beautiful Rose Anna and I did.

I loved getting to know her boys a little and had so much fun chasing them around. Truthfully I was TIRED by the time we wrapped up. I have posted a ton of images of these cute boys and their fun expressions!!

How cute is this next set? Video games will teach kids the funniest things.

I couldn’t even pick a favorite I loved so many. Do you have a favorite? If so which one?

Ok maybe this one is my favorite. Mostly for the emotion and the bond between a mom and her “baby” that it portrays.

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16 Responses to “Cute Boys + Beautiful Mom= AWESOME portraits in the park session!! {San Jose, CA}”
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  1. Rosa Anna Juarez

    Loved the session and the portraits… Now I have CHOOSE! It was a great experience and will love to do it again next year! Thank you so much Mari!

  2. Elizabeth Diaz

    These pictures are adorable and really show their different personalities. Love ’em!

  3. Lindsey

    Awesome Pics!!!! Love it!!!

  4. Love the pictures. Expecially the colored ones!!!

  5. Krisztina Cooksey

    I loved your pictures, specially the colorod ones.My favorite the one where all of you lying down on the grass. You need to give me a details.

  6. Cheryl Novielli

    Love the pictures! The boys look like they were really enjoying themselves maybe they should start modeling!!! mmmmmmmm college fund????

  7. BrandyKelly

    These are soo cute! I want to see more!

  8. Gigi
  9. Tommy Dominguez

    The black and white pics look awesome!!

  10. Lori Ourganjian

    Wow…those are great pictures!!! The very first one is absolutely priceless. She did such a wonderful job with the boys!!! Hopefully I get one when you get them back 🙂

  11. Michael

    Rosa Anna, Mariana did a great job with your pics in the park.

  12. melissa smith

    They are gorgeous!!! My fave is the one where the lil’ guy on the right has his head down on the cement, and cutie on the left is laughing! So real!

  13. Becky Hernandez

    Beautiful pictures of you and the boys! Great to have these keepsakes.

  14. Justine Dela Rosa
  15. Sally

    So beautiful! Love, love, love these pictures! Rosa Anna, you are such an amazing momma!