How do you say goodbye? {Gilroy, CA}

{I started writing this post on Monday Feb. 1st, I couldn’t find the right words to honor my friend and instead will be true to our friendship and just tell it like it was/is}

Death is always sad no matter what age. In fact I’m not on talking terms with the Grim Reaper. He has came and taken from me, too soon too quick many loved ones in the past couple of years.

It was Christmas day when I got the news that a friend/brother/ex coworker had been taken abruptly from this world. All I could think was “but I was just joking with him a couple of days ago via Facebook”. I was in shock.

And then I thought of his wife who had lost a husband, and worse his children who had lost a dad.

The rest of my thoughts came jumbled, but all I could think was WHY. Why on Christmas? No one deserves to have the Grim Repear break down their door on Christmas day. That’s the day a jolly old fat man is supposed to climb down your chimney bringing joy & cheer- but it wasn’t he who appeared.

David was many things: a wonderful son, brother, nephew,cousin, husband, father, and soldier. To name a very few. And each person he met will remember him in their own way.

Here is my way:

Ten plus years ago he came into my life. He was this crazy kid that had started working with us at San Jose Live. He was a friend’s little brother. Soon enough he became like a brother to me, always joking, giving me a hard time, stealing my food and running over if any guy not in the “circle” talked to me too long.¬† We all grew up like everyone tends to do. He met a beautiful hearted woman who became the love of his life, he got married, had children joined the service and moved- alot! Throughout the years we always kept in touch and he never stopped teasing me about everything and nothing. I will always remember David this way and am thankful he came into my life.

The below images are images were taken with a heavy heart, still in shock at the loss of my friend. Not too close because it might become real. My shutter sounding as loud as eachgunshot that went off to honor David, because I was not the only one silenced by shock.

How do you say goodbye? I don’t I say until we meet again my friend.

As they did the day he was laid to rest I leave you with a song that  in one moment went from a Bugs Bunny silly cartoon tune to a difficult goodbye.



SSG David H. Gutierrez 8/16/74 to 12/25/09

**If you knew David,please feel free to share to share a quick story about him with me in the comments section. If you leave a comment for his wife, kids, mother or sister I will be sure to forward the note.**

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