WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

Notice something different?? I am sooo excited to introduce my new awesome site. I took my old website (portfolio) & my blog and combined them into one!!

Introducing my new BLOGSITE!!

I have been working on this since end of last year so you can imagine how utterly excited I am. There’s a few details missing but as I have learned working in hi-tech with software engineers, it’s always best to release 1.0 and update it later as you work out the “bugs” in upgraded versions. HAHAHAHA seriously that was just my inner tech-geek coming out. UM thanks to every single engineer I have worked with in the past decade.

Hopefully there won’t be too many bugs but if you find one please drop me a note to let me know. I’ld love to hear your thoughts on this site don’t be shy! Just leave me a comment or shoot me an email (info@marianamaya.com)

and since this is a photography BLOGSITE here’s an awesome image I took a few weeks ago.

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