Do you remember?

being a kid and being sooo excited about all those beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.

being so mesmerized by all the lights flickering magically as they are reflected off the shiny beautifully wrapped presents.

being drawn to the tree and those beautiful presents.

being captivated as you walk slowly, silently towards that tree and those presents calling to you.

being so excited when you saw your name carefully printed on the name tag. To: Mariana From: Mami & Papi.

being soo happy when your carefully ripped the corner to sneak a peek at your beautifully wrapped present.

being so scared that you had just torn the paper and might be discovered.

being so sad to have to wait 4 more days to rip off all the paper and play with your brand new Barbie

oh wait… That was me. I remember all these things.. and yet today as the few days before Christmas begins I saw a sneak peek of what I hope to get on Christmas day.

A day filled with beautiful light and no rain! That is what I want on Christmas. Even if I recieved it this morning , as pictured below.

I am a spoiled California Resident!

What is your one wish for Christmas? I’ld love to hear.. and as a reminder your comment will bring a can of food to someone in need.

Cans for comments are still being collected!

Christmas week

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