9:09pm on 09-09-09 GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hi everyone- As a total night owl who loves repetition in images. I thought it would be cool to give away one fun “Just Because!” session to one random lucky winner!

What is a Just because session?? Well it’s a photo session you book well JUST BECAUSE! no reason at all. They are super fun!!

To enter the giveaway you only need to meet one of the following requirement:
you have to have had any of the following events:

-been married on
-been born on
-celebrated a birthday on
— ____________ on (this entry must tell me in detail what happened on which date)

any one of these dates:

To enter: Simply leave your name (& email address) and event date and occasion in the comments area below. One entry per person!

The details:

-Copy of marriage certificate or birth certificate (drivers license) may be asked for as proof.
-Session will be up to an 1.5 hours long and must be held within a 20 mile radius of San Jose. ((unless you want to make it a destination session then travel fees will apply)
-$50 print credit is included
-Session must be completed by Nov 15th.
– up to 2 people and 1 pet in session.
-winner will be chosen by a random number generator on 09/16
– I will not use email addresses left here to Spam anyone.

..and just because posts are better with a picture . Here is a sneak peek of a “Just Because” session I did while in Mexico a few weeks ago.
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  1. Anonymous

    Hi, my name is Julie E. Hernandez and I would like to enter the Just Because Giveaway.My husbands birtday is 06.06 and we celebrated his 26th birthday on 06.06.06.I have seen your work and it is AMAZING! Both my sister Veronica Zavala and my cousin Angela Herrera have used your services and each picture is absolutely breath taking.

  2. Mariela

    Hello, My name is Mariela Buenrostro. I would like to enter the "JUST BECAUSE" give away. My birthday is on 05/05. One of my good friends referred me to you. I loved your work, the pictures were simple beautiful! Thanks for having this give away! Im anxious! 🙂

  3. Jeremy

    th3c4rls0ns@gmail.comWe were married in New Zealand on 4/4/04 and would love to do fmaily photo shoot with you. Or even just my wife getting some nice pictures. Saw this on Josh's facebook.Thanks, Jeremy and Carla Carlson

  4. Anonymous

    Name: Karen DayanMy husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on 06/06/06 . . . and still happily married with 2 beautiful kiddos. We would love to win a family photo session . . .or even just the kids 🙂

  5. Roxana Adame

    Hello I would like to be a contestant for your just because photo shoot, I celebrated a b-day on 6/6/06! Thanks!

  6. Marimex

    My name is Mariana Sierra. I celebrated my birthday on 09.09.09 i had a margarita at exactly 9:09 pm to celebrate. I also have celebrated mybirthday on 09.09.99 a very cool set of 9s people have told me that in the Chinese culture these numbers represent to Live a Long Life 🙂 oh yeah a coincidence but we share the same name MARIANA Which I LOVE I LOVE our name 😉