Father’s day surprise…. almost

Keeping a secret is really hard for some people. Especially for first time mothers & aunts & everyone that knew. This little cutie’s mom & aunt blew it.


The only one capable of keeping a secret was “big brother” Freddie.

This was a very special infant session. It included four generations of women!

Both grandmothers enjoyed their time with their first grand-daughter!
Great grandmother was very proud of her tiny new addition to her ever growing family!

One auntie even took half a day off to make sure she was included!

Mom called me to ask me to schedule a top secret photo session for her adorable 2 month old and specifically requested I didn’t give sneak peeks, to keep it a surprise. Well on Monday before Father’s day I happen to bump into the dad on the train. I casually am in the midst of conversation when he says ” we put in our order already” . DEER IN HEADLIGHTS LOOK from me…. Ummm so I keep chatting and he casually says oh I already know about the surprise.


doh– ( Homer Simpson voice) well it was a secret for a small amount of time…

Happy father’s day!

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