This little angel turned 6 months!

Time flies! I remember when I first met this little angels parents. And the first time I met him! Now 6 months later I almost didn’t recognize him! He’s gotten so big.

I love this little baby he is the cutest , best, happiest baby!! At the end of the session I wanted to take him home and keep him forever, unfortunately Veronica & Jose wouldn’t let me take him- but I did get to go home with all these great pictures!! Maybe you can pick a favorite- because I couldn’t.

The weather has been so weird one day it’s super hot the next day it’s super cold. Due to weather we had re-scheduled his 6 month session and upon arriving I was worried it might still be too cold. However the weather & photo gods agreed and played nice. The early evening turned out to be nice not too hot, not too cold just right!

I loved this session because along with the parents I got to share a few “baby’s firsts”.

First visit to the merry-go-round.

First story time on a park bench by the merry go round of his favorite book: What did baby do?

and I believe even first visit to the swing set!! Even though he didn’t get a push on the swing set– maybe we’ll do that on his first birthday!!

What “we” did do was play Peek a Boo! Seriously this was my favorite part of the session!

Well that’s it! How cute is he?? Were you able to pick just one favorite? I’ld love to hear which one it was you can tell me in the comments section. Veronica & Jose – Thank you so much for sharing your precious little angel with me!

One final one- how cute is his expression in this?

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