Sneak Peek! Doug & Grace: the Wedding

Hello! Memorial day has never been so much fun for me! I had an amazing wedding at a GORGEOUS venue yesterday. However today you guys will only get a sneak peek, which everyone always tells me is such a TEASE. ;-P

Doug & Grace are so awesome! I feel like I have known them my whole life. Really I’m not making it up. As I walked into Grace’s room and gave her a HUGE hello hug. The make up artist asked Grace if I (the photographer) was also a friend. That made me feel so warm & fuzzy inside. I love that I mesh really well immediately with my couples.

Waiting for his bride (shot by my second shooter Micaela who is absolutely AMAZING!)

I will post the rest of this wedding soon. Come back often and be sure to leave some Love in the form of a comment!

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