Happy 1st birthday!

A few weeks ago one of my best friends celebrated her daughter’s 1st birthday. This little girl is almost a decade younger than her brothers. They had always wanted a daughter and finally decided to turn to the Chinese calendar. Nine months later a daughter was born!! Celebrating the day with them was so much fun. I got to see lots of old co-workers from my days at Wells Fargo Bank. You see, she & I met on our first day of work which is also where she met her husband, so it’s mandatory to get the old Wells crew together for such milestone events.

Big brothers will always be around to help her out!

This is my absolute favorite image from the whole day. It was taken after everyone had gone home. The little birthday girl finally felt comfortable and started smiling & playing with the balloons. Throughout her whole party she was a little reserved. I think she was a little overwhelmed by all the people who came out to celebrate with her.

These next two images are awesome. In them you can see how much love her parents have for her.

I always love a simple portrait such as this at events. It is full of so much history (past, present & future). This is a portrait of four generations, passed down mother to daughter…

We all know daughters are such daddy’s girls, and sons are momma’s boys. Here is the birthday girl with paternal grandmother, her “lola”.

The processing on this last image is different then the rest. I wanted to use something representative to her only. She is 92 years old and from what her gran daughter said still very much strong & independent. I didn’t get a chance to sit down and talk to her, I would love to one day spend some time with her to hear some of the stories from her life. In 92 years she’s lived through so much! Talking to an elder is definitely WAY more interesting than reading some boring history book.

92!!!! she's awesome!

Thanks you guys for a great party! And remember when she turns 14ish and boys start coming around…. I will come over and help put up the bars on the windows! 😉

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