Mrs. A (the A is for Amazing)

Mrs. A was part of the combined session with Mrs. D. Together these two planned to surprise their hubbies with similar gifts. They were each others alibis. I had only met Mrs. A briefly once before, actually the day her and Mrs. D came by to plan the session however Mrs. A was so easy going and fun that I felt like I had known her my whole life. I absolutely love how her personality came out in these pictures doesn’t she look like she would be the funnest person ever? My favorite thing about her was her laugh. She laughed from the bottom of her heart and each time she did her whole being lite up. It was awesome.

Can you guess what her husband does for work?

At one point during the session she commented that the session was actually more fun than she had expected and that the day was so much fun she felt as if she was doing it fr herself and not just her husband. But really I think when her husband saw his book it was about him and how much she loves him and wanted to give him something special.

I love these Femme Fatale sessions because each woman is beautiful not just on the outside but on the inside too. That sounds so cheesy but it’s true and I love capturing that on camera, whether it be a smile, or that crazy crooked mouth (think Drew Barrymore here) or even that far off look when someone is remembering a moment from oh so long ago.

What is that one thing your significant other loves most about you? I bet more than a physical attribute it’s something more like the way you light up a room when you walk in, or how he remembers the first time you laughed so hard you spit out your soda. HA! even though you may have been embarrassed I bet it’s on his list of favorites. Tell us .. what is it?

This last image is maybe my absolutely favorite from Mrs. A’s session. She was completely comfortable and having a great time. We all laughed so much I was starting to think that tears might start coming out which would ruin the mascara 😉

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