Hello 2009!!! {Ricky & Natalia: couple session}

Hello all 2009 is here!! For my first post of the year I wanted my blog to include a variation of images. You will find some B&W, color and special effects. It’s also very long. In 2009 I will try to post lots & lots more images!!

In this post you will also find one of the things I love most. Travel & location shooting ok well technically that can be two things but they are very related. I love travel & location shoots because they allow me to explore a new place, meet new people while challenging me to deal with something I cannot “prepare” for. The Unknown.

The following couple session was shot while I was in Buenos Aires a “few” weeks ago at the Japanese Garden. I had only emailed with Ricky a couple of times to set up the date and time. I was to meet them just inside the garden at 10:30am, the season late Spring therefore the sun would rise very fast. I will admit I was a little nervous. However upon meeting them the nervousness quickly disappeared. besides being such a beautiful couple. They were also so much fun! Kidding with each other non-stop. By the end of the session I felt as if I had known them a life time. We ended the session by finding a very cool urban park right outside the amazing Japanese gardens. I hope to see them again!! Oh and a special appearance was made by Mr. Duck.

IMG_0135a web.jpg

These next two images are similar but different. I wanted to show how it’s very easy to make soemthing look so different just by changing the composition and dimensions. Also because I have a very special love for square images. 😉 let me know which one you like best!!

Come here you!

What do you think? Can you feel the love?

Here we had a special guest join the party:

And of course if you would like to do a session like this one I DO TRAVEL!! Or we can go explore a not so far awy place here in the SF Bay Area!

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