Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hello Everyone!! I am here in Buenos Aires. This is my first time visiting and I absolutely LOVE it!! Everything is amazing starting with the steaks!! I have had a steak both nights for dinner. I am sure I will come home 20 pounds heavier!! But hey you only live once right.

I don´t have any pictures uploaded SORRY, however once I get home I will come back and fill in pictures. I promise I have taken a ton already and I´m shooting both digital and FILM!!

Anyways, I will be checking email on and off this week. I know, I know. However good thing for all of you. 😉 I have received a 15% discount on canvases from my vendor and would like to pass it along to you.

Here are the details:

-Choose any size canvas. If you would like a square canvas of a certain image, email me your image number and I will create a square image. Please note not all images look good as a square format. I am happy to work with you to choose the perfect one!
-Email me your canvas size and image number.
-Your order must be received by me no later than Friday November 28th by 7:00pm to recieve your discount.

Bonus: If you order two or more canvases you will receive a 20% discount.

Talk to you soon!!

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