Introducing K. Hobbes

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I met Yan at my old day job in High tech. He had the (mis) fortune to be assigned a desk within a 6 desk radius of mine. Typically it’s far enough to not hear the person sitting that “far away”, however not with me- my voice carries. We quickly became friends and he was part of our morning mash up of random current event chats.
A year or so later he tells us his wife and him will be having a baby. My reaction was : “You’re going to be a dad? That baby is in trouble??” Now I said this with all the love in the world – remember I mentioned he’s a software engineer- they tend to get so focused they forget about the world around them.
I got an instant message from him late one night asking if I would do some newborn portraits. I was sooo excited, also it would be my first time meeting this little guy in person.

K. Hobbes is just a few weeks old. It was so great he still has baby fuzz on his long tiny body!

K.Hobbes is already King of the house!

I saw Yan change his tiny little diaper and it was soo amazing. He didn’t even make a face at the nasty poo. SO I take it all back. He is such a GREAT dad!

And Yuhi is just as awesome of a mom!!

This little one is lucky! He has been given great parents.

Thanks Yan & Yurhi for trusting me with your precious little one.

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