Emilio & Nanette: the Engagement {First installement in the Trilogy}

First I must say- I am sooo excited that I was chosen as their wedding photographer. This is one of the nicest couples I have ever met, and they are really up for anything. Well- Nanette more than Emilio – but after some coaxing even Emilio was frolocking in the (cold) Pacific Ocean. 😉

California water isn't warm

there’s a ton of pictures… I had a really hard time picking just a top 3 or 4 or 5…

The first is a diptych- these two kiddies were absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to see them all dressed up- and since they are twin boys- I’;m sure that will mean DOUBLE TROUBLE- which will make for some fabulous shots!!


The boys were looking for dolphins or whales… But really there was a better chance of spotting a shark. It felt like a scene from a dream you know the one..where you are standing there on a beach looking for something hoping for just a glimpse…

I leave you with a final image… Not the end but

to be continued….

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