Class of 2009!! A landmark year deserves a landmark session ;-)

So, here it is! This young lady was so much fun! She was down to try anything. We started off the session in front of Golden Gate bride and we ended at a well known landmark, the SF cable cars on Powell. It was a typically cold SF day- you see we hail from San Jose, CA where 70 degrees in the summer months is called COLD and “natives” pull on pants and a sweater/sweatshirt! However in SF when it’s 70 degrees everyone is out in shorts, skirts and sandals. Looking up at the sky saying “it’s a gorgeous day today!”

Anyways- back to the topic at hand– Senior Portraits!

As I mentioned a few days ago, her mom wanted some images to commemorate V’s grandfather – he was a San Franciscan. I think the set gives a true SF feel. Check them out- WARNING there are way too many. I had soo many favorites. We even had a special guest appearance.. You’ll see.

One day Senior year will be nothing more than a memory , Kinda like this:

fuzzy a far away dream

However currently it’s like this:
Bright and Exciting!





I would like to thank V’s parents for calling on me to shoot her senior portraits. I should also mention her dad was her chauffeur,bodyguard and PURSE HOLDER. He was patient beyond words- and without him realizing it- I snuck him into a photo. Thanks


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