SUPER Dooper Sneak Peak…

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Senior Portrait, originally uploaded by Mariana Maya Photography.

I had my first Class of 2009 session today. It was the BEST first senior session of the year. Vanessa made the evening soo much fun. Her dad brought her to the session and may I just say he wears a purse well!

The weather was absolutely perfect, there was a little wind- but without it we wouldn’t have been in San Francisco.

In a conversation with Vanessa’s mom before the shoot she had mentioned that Vanessa’s grandfather had passed away. He had been from San Francisco so a location with the Golden Gate bridge was a must.

This image is a special tribute to Vanessa’s grandfather.


Senior Portrait

and on that note… I need to go to sleep.

Stay tuned–more pictures and a sneak peak into her future as well!!

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