Future Hall of Fame Drummer

Don’t you sometimes wonder what the GREAT GREATS looked like as toddlers. I’m talking about (to name only two because the list goes on & on) Richard John Cyril “Rick” Allen, &  Ringo Star. But even more importantly with this video game craze, do you wonder what would have happened if these greats had discovered the Wii at such a young age?? I’m sure they would have quickly surpassed the game, just like this kid pretty much has. 

As my sister unpacked her new game this little guy ran over and immediately picked up the sticks ( incorrectly at first looked at them and JUST KNEW they were wrong quickly flipped them over and began to bang ( with rhythm) on the drum set. I would also like to note that he has never had lessons nor seen anyone actually play drums. How he just KNEW – no idea– maybe he is doomed to stardom. 

Future World famous drummer...
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