Myrna & Juan Carlos

Myrna & Juan Carlos: THANK YOU For allowing me to be part of this very special day!!!

I couldn’t have been blessed with a  more laid back fun awesome couple if I had advertised for one. These two ROCKED!!!! Not only are they super in LOVE but they also gave me complete creative freedom. They were down for everything– even standing on rocks for pictures. Sorry Myrna – I hope your feet survived!!

Juan Carlos was soooooo excited he was jumping and clicking his heels!! No joke! He did it on his own.  I was Fortunate to capture the moment. During the Groom and Groomsmen pictures I was inspired by Reservoir Dogs, but the guys were more inspired by The Godfather.
I could talk forever about this awesome couple but instead I will let you see for yourself. There are soo many awesome pictures – I can’t even decide on a favorite ONE.
I will be posting more .. stay tuned.

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