Spunky Brides!

Sometimes on the wedding day it’s hard to get those images inspired by high fashion, fine art & creativity – due to different factors such as time constraints & being worried about getting dirty.

I like to do what I call a “Spunky Bride” Session. You may have heard of these fun shoots by other names such as; “Trash the Dress”, “Fearless Bride”, “Bohemian Bride” and many others. Regardless of the name they all have one objective in common- to have fun & create beautiful images!!

This session allows us to let loose and be super creative without all the constraints of the actual wedding day. They can be as safe or risky as you are comfortable with. A simple dry cleaning of the wedding dress in enough to restore the dress to like new appearance. Of course I cannot guarantee this if we go and paintball with the dress on. 😉

Here are some images from a recent Spunky Bride session:

More can be found on my flickr stream

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