Valentine’s is right around the corner..

In today’s day and age holiday’s and time of celebration are all marked by the appearance of specialty items at places like Target. Unfortunately by those measure’s I am very late to writing this entry. By Target’s measure’s I should have posted on this topic back in Dec.
I ran into Target on Dec. 24th minutes before they closed and about 30 minutes after the time I had said I would be at my parents house. yea – oops. anyways, as I was running towards the dog food aisle, ( HA! Not there to buy a last minute present- although I did find a few more items for my nephews), there it was ALL THE VALENTINE’S items. It was pretty sad- Christmas Eve, beautifully wrapped presents under the trees, Egg Nog lattes still being served at your local Starbucks ( which is also located inside Target I might add), and Poinsettas still in full bloom. SAD SAD SAD- but alas.. 1 month later here I am posting. and about 2.5 weeks away from Valentines Day.
I know I’ve already rambled enough but really quick, a little reminder on the significance of Valentine’s Day: February 14th a day to remember your loved ones, or to declare your love to someone. Read more on Wikipedia
I am running a special on Boudoir sessions from now till the end of February. Drop me a note if you would like to schedule something. These sessions typically run 2 hours, a Make-Up artist is also available and recommended.

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