Bay Bridge

I LOVE this bridge! Its my absolute favorite way over the Golden Gate Bridge. I have sat hours along the Embarcadero and stared at it. I have also driven over it more than I can count starting way back when I was 16!

Today the bridge closed at 8:00pm read about it here.

Here are some images of this beautiful bridge I took on 35mm film.

Adieu my friend… I will always hold you fondly in my heart.

man looking at the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

man looking at the Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge

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Introducing Little Miss Avery!

I am so excited to introduce Miss Avery!

I have been holding this post top secret for a few weeks, we wanted to wait until her family received their baby announcements in the mail before introducing to the world!

new born sleeping portraits

And the timing couldn’t be more perfect, since everyone is going GooGoo over the royal baby. Well Prince George sorry but this baby is WAY WAY cuter!!!

newborn portraits days old

I have known Julie since high school!! So this post is even more special and especially because little Avery will hopefully follow in mommy’s footsteps and become a Notre Dame girl herself!!

parents with neborn baby

Daddy was so proud!  I loved watching him as he spent special moments with his daughter, having forgotten I was there.

little feet, daddy's arms



Congratulations to the entire family! I look forward to seeing you all again and photographing big brother hanging out with his little sister!

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The Exhibit Project: Apart

This month’s 3rd installment of The Exhibit Project (see previous posts here & here)  had us exploring the topic “Apart”. Well I thought about this a long time.. and I am sure most people will use apart to mean being away from another. However I decided to take the word apart and use it as “a part” as in being part of something.

Here’s the story behind today’s images.

I went for a hike close to my mom’s house one day…which is in the SF Bay Area. I’m not gonna lie I was huffing and puffing along the way. I ran into a herd of cows… and I was seriously scared… as my dog and I came up to their line of sight they all stopped eating grass and STARED at us. I was seriously waiting for them to charge us. So I hurried my dog past them as we both carefully looked back to make sure we didn’t have to run for our lives!  Then we saw this guy on a 4 wheel thing of some kind, powering around with 2 dogs. Those dogs looked like they were having so much fun. and then FINALLY  we reached the very top and looked down….

as we stood there I was so in awe that I am a part of this world and specifically the amazing SF Bay Area.. where a 40 minute hike leads you to another world far away from the hustle and bustle.

Park images on film-all images shot on 35mm film-


To see another photographer’s perspective on the topic “apart” go check out Amanda Johnson and see how she explored this month’s theme here.

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  1. I love checking out your photos and this post is no exception. It’s amazing that you can find a piece of land this quiet and gorgeous so close to the city! And I adore that you shot this on film! Thanks so much for sharing!


Happy Mother’s day! – The Exhibit Project (San Francisco, CA Newborn portraits)

First and foremost I would like to wish all you Mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s day! This includes all you mommy’s to pets: dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, lizards, snakes and spiders too!

Today’s post is both a Mother’s day sneak peek of a gorgeous tiny newborn and an installment in my monthly Exhibit project.

Today’s theme is TOGETHER.

I chose the below images because nothing goes better together than

A Mother & a Daughter!


A feeding & a Nap!!

newborn, 13 days new, infant, portraits

mommy and daughter

More images from this session will be posted …… in the future! Now I am off to hang out with my mom!

Check out more awesome photographer’s joining me on this monthly project by checking out Jasmin’s work here.

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  1. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more precious images from this newborn session. What a perfect post for Mother’s Day and togetherness! =)