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Santa Cruz, CA Maternity Session, Pleasure Point & the Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz, CA maternity sessions are so amazing! I love everything about the beach and add a beautiful couple madly in love awaiting their baby girl and you think life couldn’t get better right? WRONG!!! This baby girl also has two big brothers patiently waiting to love, spoil and take care of her!!!!!

maternity session

The early morning fog and brisk air definitely got everyone wide awake, as we made our way from Pleasure Point beach to the Boardwalk.


beach maternity session

I bet you can’t tell how cold it was this morning? These soon to be big brothers did such a great job at pretending it was warm!

two brothers on the beach As the morning progressed  headed over to the boardwalk to play under the pier. And this awesomeness happened!

maternity session


couple expecting a baby and because no session is complete without a few images shot on the magic that is film…. here are a couple to leave you even more in love with this couple!

portraits on a beach



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Puerto Vallarta portrait photographer

When you think you couldn’t get any luckier…. this happens. Gorgeous sunrise, with a dose of a vibrant being.

puerto vallarta photography



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Three generations of Family Portraits in Almaden Valley, San Jose CA

Three generations of a family came together for these family portraits at their grandparents home in Almaden Valley in San Jose, CA.  It was such beautiful day! The sun was shining bright as it came through the trees.

This gorgeous home is situated high up over San Jose, CA with a stunning drive up. Once upon a time the entire valley was full of orchards and majestic properties, however as the city has grown the properties have dwindles. Except for this home, they still have a huge property with tons of beautiful trees which made for a great morning session!

Thank you to the entire family, especially grandpa & grandma who were absolutely adorable and such big kidders. And to dad who gave me a run with the Jokes!!!

Almaden Valley family portraits 2013_12_26_Allie_38a_WEB 2013_12_26_Allie_39a_WEB 2013_12_26_Allie_47a_WEB 2013_12_26_Allie_51a_WEB three generations

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